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Employee Rewards Plus


Employee Rewards and Benefits Programs are Very Popular

  • Popular

    Employee Rewards & Benefits

    Employee programs continue to skyrocket in popularity, demand is so high there is now 100's of companies that provide these types of programs.

  • But you Gotta be BIG

    Small Business Need Not Apply

    Unfortunately, these providers only work with companies with over 1,000 employees and do not offer a solution for small and medium size business!

  • Solution

    Employee Rewards Plus

    Using our rewards and benefit methodology plus a self service portal, we can offer this exciting program to any size company, all for just $9.95 per employee per month.​​

Our Solution Works Hard Behind the Scenes

We have developed not only a unique value proposition but also great self serve technology so no matter how many employees you have, this program can work for you.

Enroll your company and employees in about 20 minutes.....

The rewards site and communications are branded.

Auto Billing Each Month

Reporting for all activity within the program

Our Products

Our platform delivers a rewards program where employees use points to obtain offers... Plus there are 3 other great benefits they can access without using their reward points.

This fantastic mix of rewards plus benefits will deliver thousands of dollars in value for under $9.95 per month!

  • Rewards

  • Telemedicine

  • Travel Club

  • College Save

The Benefits


Employees will save hundreds on office visits and deductibles by visiting the doctor via toll free number or their smart phone.

College Save

Powerful education tools to help your kids get into college and help you pay for it!

Travel Club

Save thousands on hotel stays by getting access to private rates at over 600,000 hotels.

The Rewards

We have a proprietary content method where we get vendors to sponsor many of the redemption options, this allows the ability for each employee to receive 5,000 Points per month (100 Points equals roughly $1.00)​ without affecting our low cost structure.

All Points Can be Used in a Variety of Categories

1. Brand name gift certificates

2. Magazine Subscriptions

3. Local Offers for dining and shopping

4. Sweepstakes Entries

The Rewards

Up to 5,000 Points a Month
Plus Bonus Points Throughout the Year
Four Ways to Use the Points



Redeem your Reward Points however you'd like. You can use them for great deals, discounts, and savings at some of your favorite brands like...

  • img14
  • img15
  • img16
  • img17
  • img18
  • img19
  • img20
  • img21
  • img22
  • img23
  • img24
  • img25
  • img26
  • img27
  • img28
  • img29

Brand Name Gift Certificates

Employees can choose dollar-denominated gift certificates for a variety of merchandise categories and brands. Each offer is redeemed at a designated ecommerce website. Over 50 great brands to choose from.

50 + great offers to choose from

Retail prices price-matched to

Value of $10 to $750

Top brands



Use your Reward Points to redeem subscriptions to popular magazine titles like…

  • img58
  • img59
  • img60
  • img61
  • img62
  • img63
  • img64
  • img65
  • img66

Magazine Subscriptions

Points can be used for magazine subscriptions. Magazines remain hugely popular with all consumer segments, including millennia's. They can choose from printed or digital titles.

Read printed or digital magazines in the past month

(Stats from Association of Magazine Media)


We feature exciting titles with a great mix of traditional & digital titles.


College Students


Adults under 25


All Adults


Adults under 25



Enjoy a great family night out! You can redeem your Reward Points for great savings at over 85,000 popular local or national chain restaurants like...

  • img30
  • img31
  • img32
  • img33
  • img34
  • img35
  • img36


You'll also get access to over 330,000 local deals on everyday things, in addition to savings on your favorite shopping brands like...

  • img92
  • img93
  • img94
  • img95
  • img96
  • img97

Local Offers For Dining & Shopping

Employee can use their points to redeem for digital offers for dining, shopping and entertainment. Get great deals around the office or their home!


There are over 350,000 total offers. They can be printed from desktop or redeemed via mobile presentable screen from smartphones.

Redemptions require very few points; these microtransactions enable frequent use and program engagement


Use your Reward Points to gain entry to sweepstakes for 120 plus popular store branded gift cards…

  • img48
  • img49
  • img50
  • img51
  • img52
  • img53
  • img54
  • img55
  • img56
  • img57


Use your Reward Dollars to gain entry to sweepstakes for 120 plus popular store branded gift cards…

  • img48
  • img49
  • img50
  • img51
  • img52
  • img53
  • img54
  • img55
  • img56
  • img57


People love a chance to win! Daily, Weekly and Monthly contests will be offered in the program. Employees can use their point to get entries into each contest we run. Plus they can also get free tickets everyday they log in to the rewards site

Sweeps will run daily, weekly and monthly simultaneously

Prize catalog is 100 + digital gift cards

Earn tickets simply by logging in, or use point to purchase additional entries

Instant fulfillment using digital gift cards

The Benefits

Three Powerful Money Saving Benefits
No Points Required
These Benefits are Always On​


Access to closed network private hotel rates. Private rates are up to 60% below the hotel's website pricing on over 600,000 properties worldwide…

  • img1
  • img2
  • img3
  • img4
  • img5
  • img6
  • img7
  • img8
  • img9
  • img10
  • img11
  • img12
  • img13

Travel Club For Hotel Deals

The travel club is a membership program where your employees can access "private" rate at over 600,000 hotels worldwide. And of course we have worked out a deal with the provider to waive the membership, forever (as long as they work for you)! The rates can be up to 60% below travel sites or the hotels sites. Imagine when your employee saves $400 on their family trip! Or if you have employees that travel for work, this program can save you thousands of dollars on lodging costs!

  • icon25

    600,000 + worldwide locations

  • icon26

    Every major hotel brand is included

  • icon27

    Instant access to private rates. No blackout dates, and no coupons or rebates required

  • icon28

    Save up to 60% on any popular travel website like Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz & Travelocity

  • icon29

    The search results show the lowest bookable rate on Expedia, the amount saved, and the private rate the customer pays


Save thousands on tuition at hundreds of colleges with guaranteed tuition discounts for your kids, grandkids, step kids, nieces, nephews or any child in your family…



Save thousands on tuition at hundreds of colleges with guaranteed tuition discounts for your kids, grandkids, step kids, nieces, nephews or any child in your family…


College Save

College Save is a powerful package of educational benefits to help plan and pay for college





Homework helplines, College Roadmap tool

Ask the Experts: Email questions to members of admission boards.

Guaranteed Scholarship Program: Save thousands (up to 25%) on tuition at 375 universities.



Avoid costly and inconvenient doctor visits by consulting with a team of medical care practitioners online, by phone or video conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays.


Telemedicine Powered by Wellvia

Activate their membership with a few clicks and a short profile

Available 24 Hours a Day. & 7 Days a Week

Healthier Employees Can Lower Insurance Costs

No Deductibles


No Cost Per Consult

Consultations via toll free number, a computer or a smartphone

Access Board Certified Doctors

Receive diagnoses and prescriptions where applicable


Getting Started Is Fast and Easy

If you have 20 minutes we can get you going fast with 3 easy steps. On the enrollment pages we have provided you a video that walks you through the process.


Create your company profile

Set up the billing for convenient monthly invoicing and payment

Load your employees into the system



Velocity Rewards 360 provides the next generation of rewards, incentive and benefits solutions to companies of all sizes.


The Velocity Rewards executive team has a long history in the rewards and incentives industry. We have created a variety of new concepts and products over the past 25 years. Team members have been awarded 6 US patents for low cost reward solutions.

In 2018 we launched the crown jewel of our collective careers, Employee Rewards Plus, a powerful combination of rewards and benefits that can deliver thousands of dollars in value per year all at a price of just $9.95 per employee per month.


Program Summary

A High-impact Employee Rewards And Benefits Program That Costs Just $9.95 Per Month.

What is Employee Rewards Plus?

Employee Rewards Plus or "ERP" is a ground-breaking concept that blends a revolutionary Rewards Program with 3 additional benefits for Travel, Education and Telemedicine. ERP delivers thousands of dollars in value for only $9.95 per employee per month!


How is this possible?

Our team has decades of experience building robust reward programs for Fortune 100 companies and have been awarded 6 US patents for rewards methodology. We have leveraged this vast experience and knowledge to deliver our revolutionary ERP; the most comprehensive, cost-effective program available for businesses of all sizes!



4 Great Categories of Rewards

Using our revolutionary concept, each employee starts with 5,000 Points and receives an additional 5,000 Points each month. The program also offers bonus Points on the Employees birthday as well as a summer and holiday bonus. Points can be redeemed for the following categories:

Local Offers
300,000+ offers for dining, shopping and entertainment!
Places like Subway, TGI Friday's, Papa John's, Applebee's and Boston Market

Merchandise Gift Certificates
60+ (and growing) premium brands to choose from!
Items from brands like Oakley, Michael Kors, The North Face, Coach and Pandora

50+ popular titles - enjoy FREE magazine subscriptions!
Publications such as Sports Illustrated, Men's Health, Vogue, InStyle, and Fortune

120+ popular store branded gift cards make up the prize pool!
Stores like Amazon, Apple, CVS, Best Buy, Walmart, Dunkin' Donuts, Kohl's and Chili's and so many more.


3 Amazing Benefits

Your employees will additionally enjoy unlimited access to the following benefits:

Wholesale Travel Rates
Access to closed travel booking network with private hotel rates.
Private rates up to 60% below the hotel's or other popular on-line booking websites on over 600,000 properties worldwide.

A private program to help employees plan for their loved ones college years.
The key benefits include a guaranteed scholarship fund at 380 US colleges for up to one full year of tuition savings, expert guidance on how to afford college and a homework helpline your children can utilize throughout their pre-college years.

WellVia Telemedicine
Avoid costly, inconvenient and time consuming doctor visits.
Consult directly with a team of board certified medical care practitioners on-line, by phone or video conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays.

This complete package is available for a one-time set-up fee of just $249.00 plus $9.95 per employee per month.
Enrollment is fast and easy!

For a live demonstration of our Employee Rewards Program please contact our Independent Sales Representative:

Rep: Inside Sales Group
Cell: (904) 555-1212